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Up Coming Litters

Our upcoming litter is expected April of 2019  and is one that is an exciting combination between 2 of Australia’s well established Kennels owned by personal friends of ours.  We have had 2 of our 2017 A- litter pups win 2 best pup in in class in shows in 2 states under 2 judges one being renouned ADRK Rottweiler soecialist internationally recignised Judge: Mr Herr Siegmund Trebschuh @ the Northern District Rottweiler Club of New South Wales. With our pick of the litter female from our B-Litter also doing very well in the show circuit winngin VP2 in 2 seperate shows and again under 2 international judges.Our litters are always carefully planned and expected to advance our kennels breeding program, with a view to introducing new bloodlines.  With this combination, you have a mix of top Australian Champions as well as European Champions, boasting some dogs that are house hold legendary names in Europe.  This includes but is not limited to: Champion World Champion Gonzzo Earl Antonius, International Champion Noris Von Der Alten Festung, Dual Champion Wenno of Nicolas Lion to mention a few.  For more detailed information on this litter and future planned litters do stay in-touch and keep visiting our website and Facebook or simply contact us at info@vanaheimrottweilers.com or call us at +61 (4) 0837 4123 or simply complete the contact form to register your interest and get a guaranteed spot on our much-anticipated waiting list.  We look forward to hearing from you.