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About Us

Welcome to Vanaheim Rottweilers, a small select family hobby kennel located in Sydney Australia, showing Rottweilers and selectively breeding our Rottweilers strictly according to the Rottweiler international breed standard. We have owned and been involved with the breed for over 20 years across multiple countries.  We are proud and honoured to be custodians of our magnificent breed and we take this privilege very serious, our dogs are raised as part of our family. We have selected our dogs by engaging only the highest calibre breeders and started building long term valuable relationships with some of the most prestige kennels and breeders, in both Australia and oversea. We continue working closely with these sort after, well accredited kennels and breeders to ensure our kennel and bloodline continues to improve the breed and produce the type of Rottweiler we’ve enjoyed having a part of our lives throughout these years.

Our goal

Our goal is to produces Rottweilers that are sound in temperament, excellent breed type, correct in structure, highly intelligent in mind and strong in nerve making them suitable for the ring, work or as much-loved companions. We’re also passionate about helping improve the breed through selective breeding which will also remain a primary objective of ours.

We are registered members of the Rottweiler Club of NSW, National Rottweiler Council Australia as well as Dogs NSW and we are committed to breeding healthy Rottweilers who conforms to the FCI standard for the breed.

If you require further information, please feel free to contact us using the various mediums below.