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 Litter Information for 2019 / 2020

Show Rottweilers Breeding


Our upcoming litter is expected early April of 2019  and its a linebreeding on 4 x Australian Champions and 1 x International Champion.  Jokester is a power house of a male and a proven stud which has been used in multiple Rottweiler kennels across Australia.  He has exceptionally dark eyes and pigmentation and a iconic Eastern European head type which is seen in his progeny even when put to mediocre bitches.  Gila is a large to extra large bitch sitting at 64cm in height which will see both male and female pups in this litter big boned and strong in type.  Both these dogs are sound in temperament, excellent breed type, correct in structure, highly intelligent in mind and strong in nerve making these pups not only suitable for the ring, but also great for work and ofcourse as much-loved companions. These traits are inline with our breeding program goals and we do not compromise temperament.  Our 2017 and 2018 litters has produced some extraordinary puppies that flew all around Australian and one flying internationally to show, pet and breeding homes.  We have had 2 of our 2017 A- litter pups win 2 best in shows in 2 states under 2 judges one being renowned German ADRK Rottweiler specialist judge whom is internationally recognized “Judge: Mr Herr Siegmund Trebschuh” @ the Northern District Rottweiler Club of New South Wales 2018. Our litters are always carefully planned and expected to advance not only our kennels breeding program but the Rottweiler breed as a whole.  We always carefully planning our litters focusing on correcting show / cosmetic faults with a view to persevere the perfect Rottweiler specimen and a show winning progeny is our first priority, thus making every puppy own irrelevant of the purpose of the pup, a proud owner of a heavily pedigreed pup and that is show quality as a standard.[/caption]



For more detailed information and to stay in touch keep visiting our site and Facebook or simply contact us at info@vanaheimrottweilers.com or call us at +61 (4) 0837 4123 or simply complete the contact form to register your interest and get a guaranteed spot on our much-anticipated waiting list.  We look forward to hearing from you.